Academic Grants

This program supports educational or research efforts of faculty and students that align with the Institute’s endeavors. The grant program provides an opportunity for limited funding on projects which are likely to benefit the condition monitoring community.


The Vibration Institute, through the Eshleman Foundation, sponsors an Academic Grant Program which supports the educational or research efforts of faculty and students that align with the Institute’s endeavors. The grant program provides an opportunity for limited funding on projects which are likely to benefit the condition monitoring community. This set of guidelines is intended to help in the development of the proposal to be submitted to request the grant and in the presentation of the final report.

Project Types

The Vibration Institute intends to give as much latitude as possible to students and faculty in the choice of projects. A project may focus on a single student’s research needs and/or be of use to a particular college or system, so long as the project results are shared with the condition monitoring community.

Funding Levels

The Vibration Institute’s Board of Directors will allocate funds to the Academic Grant program annually at the summer board meeting. The level of Academic Grant funding will be posted on the Vibration Institute’s website and shared with potential applicants. Successful applicants are eligible to receive 50% of their funding immediately upon approval of the proposal with the remaining funding sent when the deliverables requirement is fulfilled.


A report must be submitted at the conclusion of the project to the Vibration Institute’s Board of Directors which includes details regarding how the funding was used. The recipient is strongly encouraged to publish the findings in an article to be submitted to Vibrations or at the annual Vibration Institute Training Conference.

Proposal Document Requirements

The proposal document should include:
1. Identification of Project Director, including institution and contact information.
2. An abstract which includes an introduction and statement of the project
3. The justification which includes the purpose of the project, objectives and goals to be achieved, and its benefits.
4. Specific anticipated project results to be provided on completion of the project.
5. Anticipated time line (typically one year or less) identifying key phases.
6. Anticipated project budget showing the use of Academic Grant and matching funds. A statement detailing the source of matching funds must be included.

Two page curriculum vitae for the Project Director (ABET format suggested).

Proposal Document should include a one page budget, Project Director curriculum vitae, and supporting appendices.

Submission Procedure

Completed proposals may be submitted as.pdf files by March 15 to:

Professor Nancy Denton
VI Academic Committee Chair

Funding decisions should be made by April 15.

Unused Funds

If the project is not completed, all Academic-Grant funds will be returned to the Foundation.


Final work should include the Vibration Institute’s logo.


Suggestions on project modifications may be made by Academic-Grant Review Committee but their inclusion is at the discretion of the Project Director.


Funding is granted based on the budget provided in your proposal. Funds may not be used for overhead/indirect costs. There are no additional restrictions on how the funding may be used, other than using the funds for direct costs associated with the approved project in a prudent manner.

Copies of Final Work

The project director should provide the Vibration Institute with digital copy of the completed project report for inclusion in the Institute’s archive.

Process Upon Approval

A representative of the Academic Committee will notify the Project Director upon approval of the proposal. The Project Director will contact the Vibration Institute regarding transfer of funds and submission of a written agreement to provide the Vibration Institute’s Academic Committee a copy of the final report at the date specified in the proposal. The Academic Committee will monitor the project status and may request status reports periodically.

Sample Request Outline for a Vibration Institute Academic-Grant

TITLE: Sensors for Vibration Testing of Widgets
Associate Professor
Phone: 222-333-4444
Fax: 222-333-5555
INSTITUTION: Northsouthwestern Institute of Technology
Random Technical Department
222 West Pike, Anywhere, NI, 54321

Project Objective or Goals
Time Line
Item: Vibration Institute Funding Amount Match Amount and source, if any
Project Director Curriculum Vitae

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